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    Easy to Use Real-Time Tracking Software

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    Safety and Security 24/7

Real time GPS Tracking has changed the game...

More than just another tool in the box, GPS tracking has become nothing less than a revolution.

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Organized ReportingOrganized Reporting

Easy to use reporting platform, create your own personalized reports, see everything you need at a glance, automated reporting sent to your email, automatic reminders for regular service and maintenance

The ArgoTrak ApproachThe ArgoTrak Approach

Real-time , easy to use tracking through a secure, password protected internet connection on your computer and/or mobile device, customize a solution that caters to your needs, purchase and lease options, financing available, FREE no-obligation demos, no contracts, we build a partnership with you to ensure you get the most out of your GPS solution

Monitor Driver BehaviorMonitor Driver Behavior

Configure alerts that will contact you via email or SMS if the system detects a problem with the vehicle’s route, engine, speed or performance, watch driving behavior in real-time, monitor odometer readings

Incredible Service and SupportIncredible Service and Support

Set-up assistance and One on One live trainings at no additional charge, Free in vehicle/vessel demos, 24/7 support services are based in the USA, support services provided in English and Spanish

Lower Costs, Raise ProductivityLower Costs, Raise Productivity

Capture real-time data for improved visibility and decision making, lower insurance premiums, reduce fuel expenses by recognizing increased speeds and unnecessary idle times, monitor time spent at each location

Safety and Security 24/7Safety and Security 24/7

Real-time tracking provides you with up-to-the-minute speed and location information, text or email alerts, based on parameters you set in advance, provide peace of mind.

I am pleased with the prompt service of ArgoTrak. I consider the use of real-time tracking a necessity in my business operation.
Captain Dave Ramsey, Owner

Captain Dave Ramsey, Owner

Parkshore Marina