The ArgoTrak Approach

The ArgoTrak team is devoted to providing our customers with high quality, cost effective GPS tracking solutions. With our technology you can monitor and protect vehicles, vessels, valuable assets, employees and loved ones.

ArgoTrak has access to over 200 different GPS tracking devices. The ArgoTrak team is eager to answer your questions and discuss your requirements. The result, a customized solution based on your specific needs.

How do we determine what is right for you?

  • Our team learns about your needs through a one-on-one conversation
  • We evaluate your tracking needs
  • We offer a FREE two week in-vehicle/vessel demonstration
  • We provide set-up assistance and ongoing training at no additional charge
  • We build a partnership with you to ensure you receive the most from your GPS solution


Why ArgoTrak is a leader in the industry –

  • We know that our success depends on our customer’s satisfaction.
  • We operate on absolute integrity and the Golden Rule.
  • We offer real-time, easy to use, tracking through secure, password protected internet connections on your computer and/or mobile devices
  • Utilizing GPS devices that offer optimal performance
  • Customizing solutions that cater to your technological, professional and personal needs
  • Purchasing or leasing available
  • All-inclusive packages
  • Financing available
  • No contract options
  • 24/7 English- and Spanish-speaking support services
  • All sales, operations and support based in the U.S.A.