Equipment Monitoring

ArgoTrak’s GPS based solutions include equipment monitoring, allowing you 24/7 visibility over the condition of your equipment and machinery. With an ArgoTrak solution, you will have the intelligence you need to make informed decisions about the critical equipment and machinery that matters most to you and your business.

Whether you need to monitor generators, boilers, pumps or other valuable equipment, ArgoTrak has a solution that will allow you to remotely monitor system parameters to maintain peak efficiency and performance.


Benefits of remote pump monitoring

  • Detect power failure
    Real-time notifications help you avoid overflows, drops in pressure, or loss of water service
  • Monitor pump run time
    Receive automatic run time statistics on your pumps
  • Prevent losses caused by large leaks
    Monitor tank levels, collect data, and receive notifications when a large leak occurs
  • Monitor water flow
    Our devices automatically calculate gallons per minute based on draw down time and tank level
  • Save valuable water
    Avoid water main breaks by running reports and analyzing pipe pressure data


Benefits of remote boiler monitoring:

  • Real-time data on current condition
    Remotely monitor temperature, pressure, fuel level and even propane tank weight
  • Customized alert messages
    Receive prompt e-mail and SMS text alerts in the event of an operational issue
  • One solution, complete flexibility
    Monitor multiple types of equipment at once, including all boilers, burners, generators and pumps
  • Lower Fuel Costs
    Optimize boiler operation by achieving system set points
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    Know there’s an issue before the customer calls
  • Control labor costs
    Never again dispatch a technician just to read a gauge


Benefits of Wireless remote Generator monitoring

The most commonly reported alerts are – Generator Running (start/stop alerts), Failed Exercise, Low Oil Pressure, Low Fuel, High Engine Temperature, Voltage (low or dead battery), Engine Run-Time (total/monthly/etc)

The Solution Benefits:

  • Save thousands of dollars in down-time and service costs
  • Monitor and diagnose the status of your generator from any location at anytime
  • Maintain peak generator operation
  • Early detection of generator failure
  • Reduced generator downtime
  • Remote start/stop capability
  • On-demand maintenance reports
  • On-demand run-time reports
  • Real-time generator alerts using your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Peace of mind


Note to all generator sales and service agents – ArgoTrak offers a dealer program that will allow you to earn a monthly residual income while providing enhanced customer service. Contact us to learn more.